Monday, 29 August 2016

The Launch

It's always an interesting feeling waking up knowing that you won't be going back to sleep in your bed. In this case any bed until Wedneday. It was a beautiful morning and there was nothing I wanted to do more than go for a ride on Pearl. It was delightful cruising along the river paths as the city woke up, I enjoyed the peacefulness of the morning to what I knew was going to be a busy and hectic day.
30kms later I made it back home and indulged myself in favourite foods. Brunch was bacon and eggs, and ice cream topping it off. It was so nice to have several texts and messages from friends and family wishing us well and safe travels
I was meeting the crew at the church for our drive to Toronto so I grabbed my bags and walked through the neighbourhood. They were packed and ready for us.
Driving our car was Jessie's mom, Joanne, who we discovered has been long time friends with an optician I work with at Sears Optical. It's a small world!

Arriving at the airport, we unloaded our bags and set about to find Bryan and Sara. 

Bryan was the last to arrive as his plane from Sudbury had been delayed. Apparently delayed due to his bag being WAY over weight and they almost didn't let him on the flight. 

Of course, we would end up having our own baggage challenges with having to shuffle bags, and re-pack and re-distribute weight to get them all boarded with us. Then the ticket agent advised that they may not be able to accommodate my flight needs for my migraines because the booking agent didn't forward them the information. A small discussion got me moved up to "wheel chair" class so that they could work with me and we were on our way. 
Surprisingly, sercurity went smoothly with all my electronics and medications and the auto-refractor. SO  we're off. First stop, London, UK for a 12hr lay over.

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