Thursday, 25 August 2016

Culling the Herd

I have a few pairs of glasses. More than a few. It's one of the perks and hazards of my profession. I like showing people that everyone has lots of options for beautiful glasses.
Some people think my collection is a little excessive.....that's OK. We live in a world where we all have more than a few things that are more than we need. Going to developing countries and into communities where most people live with so much less thna they need reminds me of this. It reminds me to be grateful for having everything I need on most days and often more than I want and wish for too.
I also take after my mother. I'm a sentimental pack rat. This adorable trait might have increased since my aquired brain injury(ABI) as I don't form long term memories any more so I often keep mementos hoping it will trigger thoughts from days past. That seems to be happening with my glasses too. I should have a policy that as I get a new pair that another pair be removed from the collection. Especially because when you have several pairs they are less worn and are in excellent condition for someone else. Also, I have a really good myopic single vision distance prescription that is easy to transfer to another person. But then I have a connection to those glasses......The ones I made for my final exam that I got 100% on, the ones that I wore to a friend's wedding, the ones I wore for my National exams, the ones I wore when I accepted an award, the ones I wore on a great cycling trip, the ones I wore as we said good bye to my friend's dear father.

But I know that there are other ways for me to keep these thoughts and even if I loose them it won't diminsh that time. What can make a better different is finding a new home, a new purpose, a new face for these glasses to help someone else. Maybe someone else will be able to pass an exam because they could see more clearly, see the world around them for the first time, enjoy a family celebration or see the directions they need to go. I selected these glasses because I loved how beautiful they were..and still are. It will be good to pass that beauty on and let some one else see there world more clearly with them.
It's good that we can fit people not with just left over donated glasses from 30yrs ago with scratched up lenses. But instead they will get these, Prada, Prodesign, OWP, Koali, FyshUK with Nikon lenses and good coatings. I look forward to that moment too.

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