Sunday, 28 August 2016

Leaving my beloved

The hardest part of any departure is leaving my beloved ferrets. I know most of the stories you hear of them are of the various trouble and annoyances that they bring to my life. But they bring much love and peace to my home as well, and tonight, with them gone, it's empty beyond understanding. 12lbs of fur can fill a lot of space in a 900sq' apartment.

They are in the good care of their god-parents the Vanderkooy crew who really enjoy the antics of the fuzzies and always promise that if anything should happen to me, they will be well cared for.
I trust them with their physicial and emotional care(there was the one incident of a remote controlled Harry Potter car........and the minimarshmellow air guns).

This afternoon, I dove them to their vacaation home in Waterloo. Only Theo was there to transfer care to, well Theo and their new cat Evie. No one is sure how Evie is going to adapt to her new cousins, but when they arrived, she came through the door. Stopped at the sight of the travel cage housing all 3 ferrets, sniffed, heard the shaking of bells and quickly bolted up stairs, That might be her best strategy, Molly is going to want to play.....agressively.

WE have built an extensive cage system for their housing but they still need to get out to run.
I worked with Theo on the setup and getting them settled, cuddled and with clear strict instuctions on their love care and emotional needs, I departed to my babies scratching at the cage, wanting to come with me. I hope they still love me after 3 weeks.

Coming home, it sad as there a stillness that reminds you that there is something missing. As much as I am going to enjoy my last night sleeping in my own bed, it's a little empty.

Next, my beloved Felix the Fiat was handed over to my friends Jen & Mike. They will use it well and will appreciate having an extra vehicle in their life.

And so, my last night has been busy but productive. One more sleep in my bed or any bed for 2 days until I land in Malawi,

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