Sunday, 28 August 2016

Being Sent Forth

As tradition, this morning's church service was a commissioning and blessing of our team. It small think that carries a lot of weight.
You are called to the front of the congregation and asked to committ to the purpose and spirit of the outreach. It's your promise and understanding to what you are about to do.

The congregation then promises and commits to supporting you and praying for you throughout the whole time. They proudly sent you out to represent them and their caring and love to the world.
It is an awesome responsibilty. One that I never take lightly. They are trusting us with their money, their resources, thier hard work and their reputation. The OAC and OOA have entrusted us with the same committment and I take that responsibility just as seriously. 
It is overwhelming to stand before a group of people who have worked very hard to support you financially, spiritually and with many resources.
Today I accept these commisions, blessings and responsibilties with humble grace and a fierce heart to give all that I can.
I Promise to carry the names of New St James Presbyterian, Opticians Assocation of Canad and the Ontario Associate with dignoty and pride and a heart ready to serve. Thank you for your trust in letting me represent you.

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