Thursday, 15 September 2016

Last Morning in Malawi

Although we didn't have to rush off to work, we still rose early for breakfast and to do a few more things before Bryan and I had to go to the airport.
My bags were packed and balanced and under weigh so I was good.  I did one last look around for essentials but I wasn't too worried as with the rest of the crew staying behind, they would find anything that was forgotten. I was also leaving a few things for them anyway, my travelling phone, granola bars, trail mix and drink mix. 
For Xander, I had a little care package, tools and supplies to reapir glasses. There were a lot of new glasses in the area and he had learned a lot in the last few weeks. It would be good to have some one who had what was needed to do simple maintenance. Also some treats, gummies, chocolate and spices that I didn't need to take home. Finally the Jenga game that he coudl practice and get good at.
We had about 2 hours before we had to leave for the airport and I still hadn't gotten fabric or rat on a stick. The team had a new mission. As I jumped into my co-pilot seat, I looked at Xander-clutch? gas? Get it, he said. As we drove off, his new glasses were hanging on the collar of his shirt. You know those things work better if they are on your eyes. He laughed and put them on.
The first stop was a fabric store that had a wonderful selection of textiles and I was thrill to find some to make great linens for myself and gifts and aprons. Then there was a coffee shop that had some crafts that the rest wanted to check out. They had some amazing things. 

We actually saw dolls that were very similar to the ones that the ladies from the church had made but not quite as well made. 
They were priced at 5000 Kwacha. That is more than what an America Girl doll would cost you in comparible dollars to income. Karen and I were pleased that next week the team would be giving such an extravangant gift to children that would remember it for the rest of their lives.
While we were shopping and browsing, Xander had headed to the market for my rat. Unfortunately, he came back empty handed. Apparently rat is not a breakfast food. I was going to have to let this one go. 
We got back to Canada House with Silas and Margret ready to escort us to the airport. It was also good news that while we out yesterday, he had people come to the house and re work the bikes properly. I didn't have time to test them out, but I trusted that he would ensure they were done properly and I look forward to the stories of their new homes.
Finally it was off to the airport. Silas knows all the authorities there so having him take us through made it much quicker and easier. While checking in though, Bryan's bag was over weight and so was my carry-on so we had to do some quick re-packing. Re-organized and checked in, Silas got us a special escort back out so that we could have a goodbye snack with the team. It was hugs all around and then into the airport. We were on our way back to Canada with 3 flights to get there.


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